Cathodic Protection and Pile Assessments

Indianic provide full pile assessments for marine infrastructure throughout Australia. This includes the following:

  • Cathodic signature readings to determine the level of protection for steel piles and structures;
  • Web thickness readings for steel piles, to provide current condition for engineering purposes or deterioration analysis;
  • Visual inspections for damage assessments, marine growth levels, scouring, or engineering requirements;
  • Wooden pile inspections and coring services.

Indianic provide anode installation services. Sacrificial anodes are secured to piles using several different methods. Anodes with direct connection to the piles have a lower activation energy than the steel, therefore are subject to the degradation process before the iron in the pile. Anodes are generally attached to the pile by welding them directly to the pile, welding lugs to the pile and bolting the anodes to the lugs, or clamping the anodes to the piles.