Indianic Diving Services are the underwater construction specialists, with 12 years of major marine construction site experience.

General Diving Services:

Indianic have a core service of commercial diving, we offer a wealth of experience and a near perfect safety and environmental record. We can offer 24 hour 7 day week services as required by our client. We maintain a large range and amount of equipment that is dispersed between our facilities to lower mobilisation costs and lead times.

Tasks Indianic has previously completed include:

  • Location and salvage operations;
  • Mooring design, supply and installation (please see mooring services page);
  • Inspection and survey of marine infrastructure;
  • Vessels inspection to society class requirements (ABS/GL/BV/NKK);
  • Construction and demolition diving services;
  • Hyperbaric & surface welding;
  • Cutting of steel, wood, and concrete;
  • Silt curtain supply and installation;
  • Dam and tank cleaning; and
  • Indianic have lifted a 250,000kg concrete section, a 90,000kg rudder and positioned hundreds of thousands of kilograms of cofferdams, risers, intake screens and so on.
Specialised Diving Services:

Indianic has developed several new dredging methods and dispersal techniques, with low to no turbidity. We have manufactured and designed specialised equipment for salvage and retrieval tasks and have comprehensive infrastructure for all diving, marine and construction requirements.

Salvage Specialists: Indianic has lifted over 50 vessels from 1m-30m of water up to 100T. We have been called on to recover helicopters, machinery, and have lifted a 400T barge from under 5m of clay and mud in 20m of water for BHP Billiton as a prime contractor.

Indianic can provide clients with a multitude of specialised services, qualified personnel and equipment. We can provide class independent dive spreads enabling any amount of divers in the water at any one time. The main dive spreads are containerised and can be provide in many configurations to suit available foot print or client specific needs. They comprise of 3 diver panels mounted in the dive chamber or independent diver control units.

On-site Management Systems:

Indianic have an approved Dive Safety Management System (DSMS) and are extremely safety conscious. We provide onsite documentation including:

  • Daily Diving Plan (including evacuation and emergency contact details);
  • Copy of AS:2299.1:2007;
  • IDS Dive Operations Manual;
  • Daily 15 Minute Event Logs;
  • Daily Dive Operations Logs;
  • Daily Pre-start; and
  • Vessel & Equipment Pre-starts.