Indianic have been leaders in salvage for over a decade

With the largest vessel over 300t and the heaviest single in water lift being 250t on a BHPB site in Port Hedland harbour. We have procedures and specialised equipment including hydraulic tract pumps, air lift bag in multiple styles and lift capacities from 50kg to 10,000kg with the ability to deploy anywhere within hours.

We have the required equipment ready to go in packed salvage crates and manifest label for quick response   and selection of the correct equipment. We work closely with insurance companies to ensure the integrity of the information is correct and provide the required information in the preferred format to them upon request.  We utilise many forms of search methods depending on the time frame and detail required. We also have an EXO UXO team which are qualified and very experienced – with works in Albany and other areas – where there have been known to be unexploded ordinance.

In the past Indianic have salvaged a helicopter in the Kimberleys from 29m of water in a high tidal area within 13 hours of the incident from 2000km away. We salvage on average 3 vessels a year with the largest to date being a 305t floating barge for BHPB as a prime contractor over 6 months in a very controlled working port area. We have moved large equipment and recovered machinery, floated into position 90t foundation blocks. It’s all about planning, equipment and personnel selection.