All equipment is fully maintained as per manufacturers’ specifications and / or external calibrations as required. All servicing is logged within our service database.

Marine Construction floating Equipment;

Indianic can provide a large range of floating plant and equipment to service marine construction needs. We can mobilise to client requirements to any region required with full compliancy and pre site inspections

Hydraulic Equipment:

Indianic have a plethora of hydraulic systems and equipment from small 30lt per min units to large high flow units to run a full deck of equipment. These are complimented with barge deck or vessel mountable Hi-Ab s and winches, drill rigs, and small hand tools.

For specific details or tooling structured to your need please contact us.

Live Feed Video Systems:

We have varied live feed video systems that can be deck mounted for system monitoring or sub surface mounted in fixed positions. We have ROV available for in water video need and diver mounted system for works monitoring.

Inspection Equipment:

We have a large range of inspection tools including; Ultra Sonic Web Thickness Meter (UTM). Cathodic Signature Meter (CP Meter); with current calibration certificates. Under Water Magnetometers (Metal Detectors); Available as a side mount, towed array or handheld, with various heads and tuning equipment.

Excavation & Dredging Equipment:

8″ Vacuum Suction Pump: Skid mounted, capable of 60L per/sec of raw water 160L per/min at 50% suspended particles. 4m head and 100m of suction / delivery hose, in 3m coupled sections, diesel powered, carrying 1000L of fuel. 30m of 8′ non collapsible hose and 30m of 6′ non collapsible hose, as suction with a variety of custom made suction heads. 100m of 8′ lay flat delivery hose. This can be used for de-watering and / or precision dredging, diver operated or mechanical.

8m self-propelled barge mounted hydraulic cutter suction dredge capable of a dredge depth of 7m with xx cubic meters per minute. Complete with discharge hoses to 200m this unit is custom made to fit within vessel pend and perform near shore dredging projects.

We also have hydraulic and air powered systems including; Air lifts with a selection of heads between 6′ & 12′. Venturi Lifts:

Pneumatic Equipment:

Indianic also utilise and supply a range of Air producing and powered equipment including Compressors from; 130 cfm 1200cfm worm driven diesel and electric powered ;Air Tools: A selection of air tools for a shallow water work.

Welding & Thermic Lance Equipment

DC Welders: 400 amp mine site compliant DC welders. Hyperbaric welding and Thermic Lance sets in varied lengths from 50 – 150m all sent out with complete spares kit.