Indianic takes on small marine construction projects and performs larger projects as joint ventures with our affiliation companies

We have built small jetties and refurbished many in the past 16 years. We take our experience from the large projects we 2nd and 3rd tier on, utilize our extensive range of equipment to assist yacht clubs and other clients such as the Department of Defence to assess, rectify, demolish and/or replace marine structure.

Marine piling is generally performed by our affiliate company In-Situ Construction and Maintenance. We have a 10 year + relationship and performed over 20 projects together. We have the ability and infrastructure to put in 250mm to 700mm piles to any required length with onsite splicing.

With the component barges and vibro systems we can deliver the equipment to site on 4 trailers with no pilot escort and use the crane to put together and walk onto the barge, using a land backed wharf or building and removing its own ramp at a beach. The barges can be configured to hold up to 120t by adding sections. With the spuds and a 4 point mooring system the positions can accurately plotted and accurately positioned.