At Indianic Group we are able to offer polishing up to grade “A” on the Rupert Scale together with a proper hydrodynamic draw.

This can be performed in water backed by our diving accreditations.

These operations are carried out using our hydraulic operated hand brushes which rotate at high speed rpm which eliminates the organic bio-fouling material adhering to the blades and appendages. The hand brushes machine’s revolving heads are fitted with abrasives diamond pad discs. The smoothness measurement is achieved by the Rupert Gauge Comparator Scale.

The aims of propeller polishing are to keep propulsive friction to a minimum and maximise thrust. A propeller polished to high standard will conserve fuel and increase vessel’s speed, thus giving the vessel a faster turnaround and reducing operating cost. Indianic use the Rupert Scale to self assess the quality of our works.