A core section of the Indianic group commercial diving division is the provision of mooring services throughout Australia.

Indianic install, inspect, and maintain both commercial and private moorings with the most stringent inspection procedures and environmental consideration. Indianic has provided these services for over 14 years and are held in high regard by naval architects and governing bodies.

Our Services include;

  • New Installations: Indianic supply and install new moorings from 5m private vessels to 3000t commercial moorings. We work closely with naval architects to design and install commercial moorings, adapting to environmental requirements, serviceability, and location restraints.
  • Mooring Inspections: We provide both private and commercial mooring inspections to the relevant controlling bodies criteria. Inspections range from visual and tactile inspections to full destructive testing (removal and relay).
  • Mooring Maintenance: As part of the mooring inspection and certification process, Indianic maintain moorings in accordance with our maintenance procedures and design criteria. We supply and replace components using the highest grade recommended components to assure moorings are kept up to specification in often highly volatile locations.
  • Mooring Cleaning: Indianic provide a service to clean the mooring apparatus of marine growth, clean pickup ropes, buoyancy in the mooring buoy, and visual aesthetics.

Specialised Support Equipment:

Indianic have designed and built multiple specialised vessels for the purpose of mooring installation, inspection and maintenance services. One of our vessels, the ‘Indi Spirit’ is a 10m Jet boat equipped with differential GPS and electronics for precision accuracy and compliance. It has a certified “A” frame and open transom for recovery and offloading components, such as clump weights, chain, and anchors.

This custom purpose built vessel is also equipped with hydraulic systems that can support a 5000psi water blaster for cleaning buoys and components, as well as a range of hydraulic tools. We also have available sub-sea hydraulic drill rigs which are offloaded sub-sea with the A-frame and can drill 3m holes 300mm in diameter into the seabed and sandstone rock.

Additional Moorings Related Services:

Indianic provide mooring services to inspect and maintain navigation and special markers. We are contracted to inspect and maintain markers for the Department of Parks and Wildlife, and maintain the navigation markers controlled by the Fremantle Port Authority and the Department of Defence. We also maintain a multitude of instrument moorings for the Fremantle and Pilbara Port Authorities, and install special markers for short term project based clients.

  • Approvals obtained and maintained for mooring include:Approved by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW);
  • Approved by Swan River Trust (SRT);
  • Licensed and approved by the Pilbara Port Authority (PPA);
  • Approved by the Kimberly Port authority (KPA);
  • Approved by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI);
  • Approved by the Department of Fisheries WA; and
  • Approved by the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA).
  • Mooring Supply and Design:
  • Indianic have been assessed and approved by the relevant governing bodies enabling us to inspect and install moorings in ‘mooring control areas’. This is to ensure that the inspections and reporting requirements provide uniformity to the governing authority.

We are affiliated and utilise the experience and supply scope of Fendercare who specialise in mooring and rigging components world wide. Please see our affiliations page.

Indianic can utilise our approved designs or provide you with a full naval architect designed mooring with dynamic load profiles to your specific requirements.