The key element to the suitability of a mooring is the ability to consider and factor all aspects of the design process.

The suitability of a mooring must consider the following:

  • Location of the mooring, surrounding obstructions, wind fetch over water, depth of water, storm surge, swing radius, environmental constraints.
  • The seabed substrate to direct the design options for the anchoring system.
  • Logistical constraints for the mooring installation- vessel access, load-out facilities, availability of vessels and ease of relocating moorings in controlled areas.
  • Mooring design that caters for the vessel and above parameters.

Indianic Group can provide all aspects of the design process, working in conjunction with Naval Architects. We have a vast background of mooring installations, with many of the design preliminary works already investigated around Western Australia. It is our attention to detail that can be the difference between a successful mooring system or a maintenance encumbrance.