The current contracts held and basic scopes of work with milestone dates and or contract term

  • Water corporation Western Australia – contracted until 2024 as the preferred commercial diving services provider. General construction services and specialised tank cleaning and structural inspection services throughout Western Australia.
  • Broadspectrum Defense- contracted until 2023 to provide marine inspection and structural inspection service of marine assets on Fleet base west under the DSRG Commonwealth defence contract.
  • Sustainability System Program Office, Defence Department – contracted until 2025 to maintain and operate the magnetic treatment facility on fleet base west. SOW includes operational support, maintenance management, inspection and refurbishment of the facility.
  • MCPSPO – contracted nationally until 2024 to inspect tag and refurbish pneumatic and hydro pneumatic fenders. including all rigging for quarterly tagging for navy marine wharves throughout Australia. This includes yearly detailed inspection 6-monthly rigging inspection and movement and/ or reconfiguration of berth fenders.
  • Contracted to Pilbra Port Authority to perform as required diving service with a 16 year working relationship.
  • Contracted to the town of east Fremantle to inspect left bank pen facility and perform required refurbishment as required.
  • Services agreement with the Swan YC to inspect and provide marine maintenance services as required
  • Services agreement with Blue HQ to perform marine inspection and maintenance service of infrastructure yearly ongoing and as required.
  • Contracted to the DEPAW for mooring services