Indianic have a long standing relationship with the Australian Department of Defence

We have been working for Defence under the DSRG contract on Fleet Base West, in varying capacities for several service contractors for the past 10 years. More recently Indianic have been giving scheduled maintenance contracts direct to defence.

We are contracted to maintain several facilities and systems with varying wings of Defence, including raw water firefighting systems to marine and infrastructure inspection and maintenance. Indianic has a content of ex-navy clearance divers working with us to facilitate some of these works.

Some of the works are sensitive and cannot be described or commented on.

Recent Projects include:

  • The installation of 3km of new 40mm cabling for the MTF facility, including the design and fabrication of custom hanger clips
  • The removal of the DWTR sub-sea cable in 2015; which included the Project management, mobilisation of the Sea Horse Standard a 72m rig tender, provision of deck winching and hydraulic equipment, sea fastening, equipment operators and marine support for a 7 days a week 24 hour operation.
  • Marine structure inspection and maintenance under Broadspectrum Services
  • Upgrade of the berthing system of the MTF facility and ongoing maintenance contracts direct to Defence.
  • The ongoing berthing assistance and securing of naval vessels into the MTF facility contracted direct to Defence.
  • National fender and rigging inspection contract under MCPSPO for the Department of Defence- NAVY