Indianic Group provide mooring supply and installation services.

Indianic Group provide mooring supply and installation services. We have purpose built vessels for the installation of moorings ranging from small recreational moorings to cyclone rated commercial moorings.

At our facility in Henderson, we stock a range of mooring components for installation works and maintenance. The design process allows us to provide suitable mooring equipment and the ability to install the equipment in a cost effective manner for the design criteria.

To assist in the installation process, Indianic have a range of equipment that is often purpose built for particular installations. We have subsea drilling rigs for drilling through rock to install pin-type anchor systems, we have 80t in lift bags for moving anchors and clump weights with our fleet of vessels, and a range of water jets, airlifts and probing tools for the operation.

Mooring installations are not just limited to vessel moorings. We have installed and maintained hundreds of markers, including navigational aids, sanctuary markers, scientific markers, and special exclusion zone markers.

Some of the locations where we have installed moorings include Broome, Port Hedland, Dampier, Cape Preston, Exmouth, Abrolhos Islands, Lancelin, Rottnest, Perth Metro, Mandurah, Dunsborough, Walpole, and Albany.