Indianic have a base of operations on Anderson Street in Port Hedland.

This is a full hyperbaric support facility with multiple diving spreads, support vehicles and vessels. This base gives us the ability to provide a blanket of hyperbaric cover from Dampier to 2 hours north of Port Hedland. This is also the only hyperbaric unit in the area.

Prequalified and a long term contractor to the Pilbara Port Authority (PPA), Indianic are regularly providing inspection and maintenance services to the Port Hedland port and the local resource companies. Having worked and had a constant presence in Port Hedland since 2005, Indianic have worked on; BHPB D berth RGP 2,3,4,5 & 6 also FMG 1,2,3 & 4 and the Roy Hill project. We also regularly visit Dampier and Broome to perform infrastructure maintenance and mooring inspection services. We also regularly perform class vessel inspections within this region from the Port Hedland facility.

From this support base we can service the outlaying area, as Broome is 6 hours north and Onslow is 4 hours south. The equipment is designed to travel and is within the group maintenance schedule, but is still stored in the region; cutting down on mobilisation. Having the local knowledge backed with the metro area head office in Henderson, gives our clients low mobilisation costs with corporate services and backing, at a level that they expect and rely on Indianic to provide. We also provide the same level of services for our smaller clients in the region and attempt to program works to again reduce costs.