Inspection of marine infrastructure is an integrals process to maximising life spans and meeting operational requirements.

Indianic have specialised equipment and approved inspection procedures to assess the above and below waterline, with commercial divers, ROV and rope access.

The inspection can be as simple as a pictorial or video and as complexed as a full NDT or Magnetic partial weld testing. Indianic own and regularity externally calibrate inspection specialised equipment including;

Ultra Sonic Thickness Meter

UTM used to obtain thickness measurements of steel via multi beam ultra-Sonics. This unit is calibrated yearly externally and self-calibrates every use. It provides reading to the second decimal point and is water proof to 150m.

CP Meter

The CP hand bathycorrometer probe will measure the cathodic signature of the target, providing raw data to assess the cathodic protection of an asset. The raw data is then assessed and a program of required CP protection or life span of the protection can be calculated.